Commitment Ceremonies

 I offer Commitment Ceremonies for same gender couples and those couples,  who for legal or personal reasons are unable to marry, but love each other and  wish to make a public commitment to each other in the presence of their family  and friends. Same sex marriages are NOT legal in Australia.  Although a  Commitment Ceremony is not a wedding, it is a lovely way to express your devotion to one another.

A Certificate of Commitment is given to the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony. Making a wonderful keepsake to mark this very special occasion.  You will also recieve a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.




Renewal of Vows  

Renewal of Vows or Reaffirmation of Vows has become popular in recent years.  You can renew your vows to one another anytime ~ wether you've been married one year or fifty years. It can be a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to your lifelong partner. Some couples who have been married overseas may choose to renew their vows with their family and friends.


You will receive a certificate to commemorate this special day as well as a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.


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